Standing: 30

Seated: 30

Beds: 6


Airiston rannalla vuonna 2005 valmistunut päähuvila ja rantasauna

Airiston Lumous provides a quality, inspiring and relaxing environment for meetings, parties and representation every day of the year. The modern and impressive architecture right on the beach with an open seascape makes a lasting impression. 

Extensive terraces and many lounge-type sofa sets make the outdoors enjoyable.

At Airiston Lumous, you can relax after a meeting, party or day at sea with dinner, sauna and bathing.

Airiston Lumous is a main villa completed in 2005 with sea-facing glass walls in the meeting and living areas and bedrooms. The sauna facilities also have great sea views. The romantic beach sauna right next to the beach takes you back in time.

 A summer wedding ceremony on the beach with the wedding guests sitting in chairs on the sandy beach is a truly impressive and unique experience.

We create a higt-quality and luxorius archipelago experience with out great partners, from whom you get everything from catering to luxury charter rides, sailings, fishing and other activities in nature.

Contact us and we will create a unique and high-quality experience.